Enable supervisor approval requirement for orders

How to enable a supervisor approval process for customer order fulfillment.

This is an advanced workflow.  Contact the Support Team for assistance if needed!

If you receive orders for controlled inventory that must be reviewed & approved by a supervisor prior to fulfillment, this guide is for you.  Follow these steps to complete the one-time initial setup for this workflow:

  1. Enable the optional "Secondary Email Notification" field in the Lexicon*, this field will be used to store the supervisor's email for alerts.    *You can skip this step if not enabling email alerts.
  2. Create an automation rule to place an automatic hold on any orders that require supervisor approval.  You can also add an Action to fill the "Secondary Notification Email field" with the supervisor's email address from here, if you want that to be automated as well.
  3. Create an email alert to send notifications to the supervisor* when a new order requires review/approval (based on the "Order Received" trigger).  For convenience, this email alert can also include a direct link to the "On Hold" orders screen to make it easy for supervisors.   *Optional
  4. To approve the order, a supervisor user simply removes the hold.  This will release the order into the regular fulfillment process.