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Order Fulfillment Process

Order fulfillment in Zenventory involves four basic steps:  Order Entry, Stock Allocation*, Order Picking*, and Shipping.  A quick overview of the process:

  1. Order Entry:  An order is created manually in Zenventory, or is imported from another channel (shopping cart, e-commerce site, shipping application, etc).
  2. Stock Allocation*:  In-stock items are reserved from inventory in whatever quantity needed to fulfill the order.  This can set this to be done automatically by the system as orders are generated, or you can elect to allocate manually if more control is needed.
  3. Order picking*:  Items that have been allocated are picked from the shelves, removed from the inventory counts, and packed to get ready for shipping.  Like allocation, this step can be automated in the system for smaller operations that don't need a pick/pack verification process.
  4. Shipping:  Completed orders leave the warehouse en route to their final destination.

* These stages can be either automated or managed manually by a user, depending on what fits best for your work flow.