Cross-Dock a Purchase Order with a Customer Order

Many 3PL fulfillment centers do FBA prep for their clients.  In most situations, a Purchase Order will get received, then the goods will be prepped and sent back out to the Amazon warehouse.  The outbound customer order needs to match the items and quantities that were present on the inbound purchase order.  Cross Docking allows you automatically start a new Customer Order at the time a Purchase Order is created, copying over the item and quantity details from the Purchase Order to the Customer Order.

Cross-Docking a Purchase Order.

  1. Create a Purchase Order.
  2. On the final page of creating a Purchase Order there is now an open square box labeled "Cross-Dock this PO". 
  3. Select that box to fill it with a checkmark.
  4. Click the orange "Confirm" button to finalize the PO.crossdockPO
  5. You are then taken to the new customer order creation page and all items and their quantities have been transferred over the customer order for you to enter the Customer information and finalize the Customer Order