Create and Manage Purchase Orders

NEW Functionality via Version 3.105 Release:  The ability to select up to 500 items at a time on the inventory screens and create draft POs per supplier of the respective items and desired reorder quantities.  Add items to Draft POs in Bulk

NEW Functionality via Version 3.85 Release:  Attach files to Purchase Orders:

Creating a new Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to the “Purchasing” tab.  Both creation and alterations of Purchase Orders can be done here.
  2. Select “New Purchase Order

Required Fields:
-Ship To:  Choose a warehouse to ship to.  A dropship direct to customer can also be selected here.
-Required By:  Choose a date (default is the day of creation).
-Supplier:  Search for and select a Supplier.  A new supplier can be quick added here as well.

Optional Fields:
-PO Number:  Zenventory will automatically populate a new PO number in numerical sequential order.  A manual PO # can also be entered.
-Ship Method: Manually entered by PO creator.
-Client: Drop down menu of all clients to choose from.
-Project Number: If your organization uses Project Numbers. Manually entered by PO creator.
-Terms: Account terms with specific supplier. i.e. "Net 30". Manually entered by PO creator.
-Notes: Any pertinent notes entered by PO creator.

-Click “Next” to move to item selection.

  1. Select “Add New Item

Search for and select an item:
-By SKU or Description.  Searching will only require 3 characters to create a list of results to select from.
-Add price (if needed) and quantity.
-Save Item by clicking "Save" icon to the right of selected item.

  1. Click "Next" to move to confirmation page.

-Review PO information for accuracy.
-Select the “Confirm” button to complete PO creation, and click "OK" to finalize the order when prompted by the popup message.
-PO print out will generate in a new browser tab.

The new PO will appear in "Open Purchase Orders", and the PO can now be Received (see article on Receiving).

Editing an existing Purchase Order

  1. In the Purchasing Tab, select the "Three Bar" icon to the left of the PO number.
  • All fields are editable, except for the PO Number.
  • Individual line items can be deleted by clicking either the item search field or in the general area of the line item, then clicking the “X” icon on the right.X-Button-
  • Re-confirm and finalize the order to save all changes.

Creating a Purchase Order Draft (for easy re-ordering)

  1. Navigate to “Inventory” tab and select In Stock.
  2. Click the "Three Bar" icon to bring up submenu and then select "Add to Basket".
  3. Click the "Shopping Cart" with the plus sign icon to the left of the Supplier you wish to use.

Finalizing a Purchase Order Draft

  1. Navigate back to "Purchasing" tab and select “My Drafts”.
  2. Select the PO you would like to view by clicking the "Three Bars" icon to the left of the PO.
  3. Make sure all of the purchase order information is correct and click "Next" to move onto selecting any other items you need to add to the PO.  You can edit item information here. If all information and items are correct click "Next" again to confirm. You will be prompted to finalize the PO. Select Yes if everything is correct. Finalized PO's will show up in the "Open Purchase Orders" section.

Searching Purchase Orders

  1. In the Purchasing Tab, navigate to “Search”.
  2. Enter in as much detail as needed to narrow down results. After the purchase order you are looking for is found, you may review and edit the PO.

Completing Purchase Orders

Completing a PO can happen two ways:

  1. Receiving the PO into inventory (refer to article "Receiving Purchase Orders").
  2. You can manually complete the PO by selecting the “checkbox” icon to the right of an open purchase order, or select multiple.  Then click the "Action" menu and "Close Selected". (NOTE: this second method does not auto-receive items to inventory).