Create a New Customer Order in Zenventory

For many users, customers orders will typically originate elsewhere before being imported to Zenventory:  Either an e-commerce shopping cart, a 3rd party marketplace like Amazon, or a popular shipping platform like ShipWorks or ShipStation.  However, users also have the option to create a new order directly from the Zenventory interface if needed.

NEW Functionality via Version 3.85 Release:  Attach files to Customer Orders:

Creating a new customer order in Zenventory

  1. Navigate to the "Orders" tab and select "New Order".
  2. Enter a customer name and any other required details.  You can search for repeat customers who might already be in the system (details will auto-populate), or add a new customer. Click "Next" Next-Button-1 to proceed to item entry.
  3. Begin by clicking "Add New Item". You can search for items by the SKU, UPC, or item description.  Be sure to enter a quantity as well for each line item you add.
  4. Enter any relevant shipping details and notes, review the order for accuracy, and finally click "Confirm"confirm-button to create the order.
  5. NEXT STEP:  Allocate Stock