Manage Receiving

Receive With Purchase Order (PO)

Purchase orders that are due and can be received in will appear initially on the Receiving tab.

  1. Click “Select this PO” icon to the left of the selected PO.
  2. Review the order receipt, adding notes if needed.
  3. Select receiving location for the warehouse.
  4. Click “Next” to move to confirmation step.
  5. Click the “Truck” icon left of the item to review quantity expected for each item.
  6. Enter in needed fields for item detail pop-up:
    • Only field that is required is “Items Delivered”.
    • Unit cost will populate with info from order/item(s).
    • Will default to item quantity on order.
  1. Enter correct number of items delivered and click “Confirm“.
  1. To review delivered item quantities, or to remove items, select “Click to Review” icon to the right of the item.
  1. To print a label for an item, click the “Barcode” icon to the right of the item.
  2. Select “Accept Delivery” to finalize.
  3. Select OK, and the PDF receipt will generate.

Receiving Without a PO

  1. In the Receiving tab, select “Receive Without PO“.
  2. Enter in Receipt number, if needed.
  3. Search for “Supplier Name”.  (NOTE: A supplier must be selected even if receiving with a PO) Add any notes and click “Next“.
  4. Select “Add New Item“.
  5. Begin typing item SKU to search and select.
  6. Enter in other item fields if needed, but delivered quantity is required.
  7. Click “Next” to move to confirmation step.
  8. Review and select “Accept Delivery” to complete receiving.
  9. Select OK in pop-up message and PDF receipt will generate.

Receiving a Warehouse Transfer

  1. Navigate to the Receiving Tab and select “Warehouse Transfers“.
  2. Select icon for “Select this Item” on left to open Warehouse Transfer order.
  3. Add notes if needed, and select receiving location for Warehouse.
  4. Select “Click to receive this Item” icon on left.
  5. Enter the correct number of items delivered and click “Confirm“.
  • Defaulted to item quantity placed on order.
  • If a greater or lesser number than the ordered quantity, a pop-up will alert you.
  1. Review and select “Accept Receipt“.
  2. Select OK in pop-up message to finalize.

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