Managing 3PL Master Account

3PL-specific process changes in the master Zenventory account

With 3PL enabled and your client list created (see article on Setting Up a New 3PL Client), many functions of Zenventory will require that you select a Client from the drop-down list when starting a task from within your master account.  This includes:

  • Submitting purchase orders
  • Receiving stock replenishment
  • Adding new items to the item catalog
  • Managing orders
  • Viewing reports

Inventory owned by the warehouse owner

In addition to your clients' inventory, you may store inventory owned by you, the warehouse owner.  For example, if you're running your own e-commerce store from your warehouse in addition to the 3PL services you provide, Zenventory easily accommodates this.  Simply select "[YOUR COMPANY NAME], Own Items" instead from the down-down menu any time when you are asked to select a Client, and Zenventory will track these items accordingly.