Set Item Reorder Alerts

You can set reorder alerts within Zenventory to be triggered when an item falls below a certain quantity.  The item must already exist in your item catalog, and the item must be assigned to at least one warehouse.  To set the alert levels:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Tab, and select “Items” from the drop down menu.
  2. Click the “Edit Item” icon to the left of the item you would like to modify.
  3. Click “Warehouse” to see warehouse assignments for the item.
  4. Click the “Modify Assignment” icon to the left of a warehouse the item is assigned to.
  5. Enter the desired “Reorder Level“, contact email where the alert should be sent, and the Par Level (the ideal quantity to keep in stock – Zenventory can suggest this based on recent order history if needed
  • (Optional) If “By Location” is checked, reorder alerts can be customized individually per location within the warehouse.

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