Adjust Inventory

Users may make on-the-fly adjustments to inventory.  Adjustments are made to inventory at a specific location in the warehouse.  To do this, navigate first to the Inventory module, and then to a location using Location View or by item pinpoint button to the left of the item.

By Item

    1. Navigate to the “Inventory” tab and select List Inventory.
    2. To use item pinpoint, click the “Crosshair” icon next to an item in any of the inventory views.
    3. A list of locations where inventory of that SKU is present will be shown in a pop-up. Click the crosshair next to the item to be taken to the location view.

By Location

  1. To navigate directly to a location, click the “Location View” option from the inventory view sub-menu.
  2. Choose “Select Location” from the location tree in the pop-up.

Adjusting simple items

  1. While viewing an item from a location view, click the middle menu button left of the item and select the option for “Update This Item’s Stock Levels“.
  2. Enter the quantity found. If there are any damaged items, enter the quantity damaged. Note that the damaged quantity will be subtracted from the “Found” quantity. If the total found is less than the expected total, a deduction will be made for the missing amount; if the total found is more than the expected total, the appropriate quantity will be added.
  3. Notes may be entered to explain adjustments.

Lot Items

Viewing an item from a location view, click the “Update This Item’s Stock Levels” icon to the right of the item.  Lot Items will show a line for every quantity and lot number combination.

  • Using Scan Mode (optional)
    • Users can scan SKU, Lot Number, or Serial Number barcodes using the Scan Mode tool at the top of the pop up.
    • Select Found or Damaged and scan a barcode.
    • Scanning a barcode that matches multiple lines will not enter a count. Click the barcode icon to the right of Scan Mode to generate a PDF of barcodes for easy scanning of found and damaged quantities.

Perishable Items

  • Perishable items are separated in the Location View inventory table by Expiration Date.
  • Perishable items will show a single line for the adjustment unless the item is a Lot and Perishable item, and there are multiple lot numbers for the given expiration date at the selected location.

Serialized Items

  • Serialized items show a single line in the Location View inventory table.
  • Using Scan Mode, (and the printable PDF if needed) scan each serial number as found, then scan damaged items.  There is a Missing Scan Mode to allow users to scan a given serial number as missing after found and damaged items are accounted for.

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