Creating an Assembly with a Work Order



Assemblies in Zenventory are for a "Build To Stock" scenario, where you prepare the new finished product in advance of any orders for it.  For product kits/bundles that are "Built To Order" instead and are assembled during the fulfillment process rather than in advance, use our Kit feature instead.

Work orders allow for a two-step assembly process, where one user initiates the assembly, choosing the product to build along with the quantity, and leaves the work order in the system to be assembled at a later time (or by another user).  If your need is for a one-step simple assembly process, use Assemble Now instead.  NOTE: If trying to use Assemble Now on a product that requires special attribute entry such as lot number, serial number, or expiration date, a work order will automatically be created.  

Creating a Work Order for assembly

  1. From the inventory section, select "Assemble Item" in the submenu.AssemblyItemMenu
  2.  Search for the specific item you would like to build by typing a SKU or description in the "Items to Assemble" field.SearchItemToAssemble
  3. Choose a quantity of the assembly to build.AssemblyItemQuantity-1024x328
  4. Click "Create Work Order"CreatWorkOrder
  5. A work order will print the list of components needed along with their location. The assembly is not yet complete; that will be done in a second step when the work order is claimed and completed.


Completing the assembly work order

    1. From the Assemble Items screen, click on the "three bar icon" to the left of the order number and select "Assemble".AssembleDropdown
    2. Claim the work order by clicking the orange "Claim" button.ClaimOrder
    3.  Next, you will assign a location for the new finished item by clicking the "Destination Location" field and choosing a location from the popup menu.destinationlocation-600x347
    4. If you need to make any changes to the location you pulled the components from, click "Change Allocation" and alter the quantities appropriately.ChangeAllocation
    5. Click "Assemble" to finish the process. All components will then be deducted from inventory, and the new finished product(s) will be added to inventory automatically.