Create a Purchase Order for ZFN Warehouse


  • Flow in one direction, client to provider, immediately visible in the provider account upon creation.
  • Receiving status of a PO is updated from provider to client via the cron run. 
  • Item specific vendor codes are not sent from client to provider.
  • PO numbers in the provider account will follow this format PO-Client ID-[PO Number in Client's Account].  

Create and send a new Purchase Order to ZFN provider

  1. To send a purchase order from the client account to the provider account, you will follow the normal steps to create a purchase order in the client account and select the ZFN warehouse:
  2. Once the purchase order has been created in the client account, it is sent over to the provider account for receiving. These purchase orders will have a prefix of 'PO-ID#-'on the provider side to easily identify them. 
  3. The receiving status of the purchase order will be updated during the next cron run, which is currently set to run every 30 mins. If a purchase order has been fully received on the provider side (or marked as complete), the purchase order will close out on the client side and the stock counts/sellable counts will be updated accordingly.