Create and Manage Users

Create a New User

  1. Navigate to Admin>Users and click "New User".
  2. Complete all required fields 
    1. Full name
    2. Select Warehouse (Default is selected)
    3. Enter a log in name and Password. Confirm password.  The user will be prompted to create their own password upon their first login, as long as this setting is selected under the System>Admin setup page.
    4. Enter user’s email or desired username.  You have the option of providing the user's email and that will be their username.  During step #3 below, they will receive an email with a link to activate their user and set their own password.  If you prefer to set a desired username, instead of email, then you would put that username in this "email" field.  
    5. Select the Roles the user will need/have in Zenventory (on the right) ** Roles determine the level of access and permissions user will have. Any amount of check boxes may be selected, the higher tiers will grant the access of their child tiers. Individual child tiers can also be checked or unchecked.  Click these links for more detailed information about user roles/permission and user role groups.newusercreate
Hit the "Send Invite" button once complete.  This will save the new user.  If you used an email as the username, then an activation email is sent to the new user.  If you did not use an email and set a desired username instead, you can now click the pencil icon to the left of the user to set a password and uncheck the "disabled" box to enable the user for access.  

Edit an Existing User 

  1. Navigate to Admin>Users and click the pencil pencilicon icon to the left of the desired user.
  2. Once done editing the desired information, click the "Save" button

Available User Datafields

  • Full Name
  • Login Name - set in step "d" above.
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Client - for Enterprise level subscription accounts only
  • Warehouse - user specific warehouse assignment
  • SecureKey - for use with the BETA REST API.  
  • User Defaults for Purchasing/Orders - allow you to set a project number specific to this user when creating new Purchase and Customer Orders
  • Customer and Supplier Restrictions - assign the user to only specific suppliers or customers for use with Purchase Orders and Customer Orders.

Disable/Delete a User

Disabled - Checking the Disabled box will disallow login access to the system.

Delete - This will delete the user entirely from the system.