Create and Manage Users

  1. Navigate to Admin, and select “Users” from the drop down menu.

  2. To manage an existing user, select the “Edit Item” icon that is to the left of the User.CreateUser
  3. To create a new User select New User

Complete all required fields

  • Full name
  • Select Warehouse (Default is selected)
  • Enter a log in name and Password. Confirm password.  The user will be prompted to create their own password upon their first login, as long as this setting is selected under the System>Admin setup page.
  • Enter user’s email
  • Select the Roles the user will need/have in Zenventory ** Roles determine the level of access and permissions user will have. Any amount of check boxes may be selected, the higher tiers will grant the access of their child tiers. Individual child tiers can also be checked or unchecked.
  • Save the new User
To manage an existing User: Edit required fields
  • Full name
  • Assigned warehouse
  • Password
  • Email and contact info
  • User roles and access levels
  • Secure Key  ** This is not a required field. Used for integrations with compatible sites and software.


Disable/Delete a User


Disabled - Checking the Disabled box will allow that user to log into the system but they will only be able to see the Dashboard and Help tabs.

Delete - This will delete the user entirely from the system.