Create and Manage User Role Groups

Zenventory now has the ability to create and assign user groups with saved roles to assign to users in the system.  

Create a New or Edit an Existing User Role Group

  1. Navigate to Admin>Users and click the pencil icon to the left of any user.edituser
  2. On the right side, in the User Role Assignments section, select the manage role groups button.  newusergroup
  3. In the Role Group dropdown menu, select "New Role Group" to create a new one.  If editing an existing Role Group, then select the desired group and hit the pencil icon to edit, or the garbage bin (x) button to delete it.  newrolegroup-1
  4. Assign the Role Group a (1) Name, (2) Roles, (3) whether it is a Client user (different roles available then a non-client/admin user).  Hit save once complete.assignrolegrouproles