Create a Transfer Order from a Client to a ZFN Warehouse


  • These show as TO's in the client account, but as Purchase Orders (POs) in the provider account.  
  • TO's can only be created from client warehouse to provider warehouse, not the other way around.
  • A TO will close out on the client side upon the cron running and the related PO having been received/completed on the provider side at the time of cron run.
  • If the PO is received on the provider side prior to it being shipped on the client side, it will close out immediately on the client side when the cron runs.
  • TO numbers in the provider account will follow this format TO-Client ID-[TO Number in Client's Account].

Create and send a Transfer Order to ZFN Provider

  1. Follow the steps in creating a warehouse transfer and select the ZFN warehouse

2. After initiating a transfer, warehouse transfers go through the same process as a customer order when it comes to fulfillment:  Allocation, picking, and shipping.  For example, a transfer order must be shipped from Warehouse "A" before it can be received into Warehouse "B".

3. In the provider account, you will see a new PO with the prefix 'TO-ID#-' ready to be received.