View Batch History or Reprint Batch Shipping Labels

When shipping in batches, we store this information by the batch number.  You have the ability to look at batches historically, reprint shipping labels from a batch, or view/reprint the batch summary report.

  1.  Navigate to Orders > Batches
  2.  Click the 3-bullet point icon to the left of the batch number you would like to work with.  There are two options in this menu.batchespage
    • "View" - this will take you directly to the Orders>Search page and filter the search results by Batch number, showing all orders that were a part of this particular batch.
    • "Print Options" - pulls up the Shipment Batch modal where you have 3 functional options
      1. Reprint Labels - choose the label print format from the drop down menu and hit the orange "Print Labels" button
      2. Note - a note can be added to the batch for future reference, click the orange floppy disk icon when completed entering your note.
      3. Print Summary - hit the orange "Print Summary" button to print the batch summary report.shipmentbatchmodal