View and Download Client Statements

Within the Zenventory user interface, you can view a client's charges, preview their statements, and download either a .PDF or .CSV file of these charges by a specified date range.

Viewing/Downloading/Printing .PDF Client Statements:

  1. Navigate to Admin>Clients.  AdminClient
  2. Click the "pencil" icon the the left of the client that you want to to see their statement.EditClients-300x257
  3. Click "View Charges" in the grey menu bar.ViewCharges-1-768x92
  4. Set the date range that you would like to view/print/download, and hit "Search".
  5. Click "Export Results" and select the file type you would like to Download.  Select PDF to preview, print, or save the statement as a .PDF.  Choose .CSV to instantly download a .CSV file of the statement.  exportclientcharges-e1628779945647
  6. If you selected PDF, then a new tab on your browser will open with a preview of the statement.  It can be downloaded or printed from here.  ClientStatement-768x434