Sellable Value Calculation Explained

On the Inventory pages as well as the Inventory Export and Inventory Forecast reports, you will see a "Sellable" stock value.  All of our eCommerce marketplace integrations give you the option to update stock by either the "In Stock" or "Sellable" value, so this article is to show you what the calculation is to obtain that "Sellable" number.

Sellable = [In Stock Inventory Value] - [Quantity on Open Customer Orders] - [Quantity on Open Work Orders]  

For example, if you have ItemA with an instock quantity value of 100, 10 units are present on open orders in the system and 20 units are present on open work orders, then the sellable value would be:

100[instock] - 10[customer orders] - 20[work orders] = 70 [sellable]