Select Available Shipping Carriers/Services per Client (3PL)

In many cases, a 3PL business might want to limit the available shipping carriers and/or shipping services that their client users can select when creating a new internal order within Zenventory.  With the v.37 feature release, you now have the ability to do this.


Selecting Available Shipping Carrier/Service per Client:

  1. Navigate to Admin>Clients.
  2. Select the client you wish to work on by clicking the pencil icon to the left of the client name.Clientselection
  3. Navigate to the "Carrier Setup" page.carriersetuppage
  4. Select which carrier names you would like the client to see by checking or unchecking the boxes next to each carrier name. selectcarriers
  5. To choose which services per carrier you wish the client to see, click the Edit hyperlink and then check/uncheck the services you wish the client to see.  Click the OK button once complete.servicesselect
  6. You can copy all carrier/service selection settings from another client in one step by clicking the orange "Copy from Existing Client" button on the bottom of the page.