Routing orders from ShipStation to specific warehouses for fulfillment

If you fulfill from multiple warehouses and use ShipStation, we have three options:

  1. Without any special setup, here is what happens by default:  All orders will be set to fulfill from whatever warehouse is selected in the ShipStation integration settings.  Once the orders are in Zenventory, a user can manually change the warehouse an order is assigned to by just editing the order, and on the last screen, select a different Ship-From Warehouse from the dropdown and save changes.
  2. If you have advanced order-routing rules set up in ShipStation already (meaning that the "Ship-From Location" is currently being assigned and used in ShipStation), we can pick that extra data up during order import and use it to route the order appropriately in Zenventory.
    • How to set this up
      • Before integrating ShipStation, ensure that all of your "Ship From Location" options showing in ShipStation have a matching Zenventory warehouse created.  The names between the two must match 100% verbatim.  If the names aren't matching, allocation will fail on any mismatches.
      • Once these are all created and in alignment in both platforms, initialize the integration with the "Use Ship From Location" box checked.
      • That's it!  You're done.  Orders will route appropriately based on the information coming from ShipStation.
  3. If you don't have rules set up in ShipStation already and don't want to use those, you can use Zenventory's import rules for this as long as the routing logic is something simple and based on a static field in the order, such as State or Country.
    • How to set this up
      • Admin -> System -> Import Rules.
      • Click the green plus button up top to create a new rule.
      • Select "Set Field To Value"
      • The "If" dropdown sets the trigger for when to apply the rule.  You can choose something like State or Country.
      • The "Then" dropdown is what field you want to change if the rule is triggered.  Select "Ship From" and enter the desired Zenventory warehouse name (again, must match verbatim or allocation will fail)
      • Repeat this process for any additional rules needed for other states, other countries, etc.