Reopen a Closed Order

User error can happen!  Sometimes a user might mark an order (s) as "Closed" prior to shipping the order properly.  Good news, these orders are not lost and can be re-opened to make the necessary changes and ship it properly.

To Reopen an Order:

  1. Navigate to Orders -> Dispatched  or Orders ->Search

  2. Find the order you wish to reopen and click the "3 bullet point" icon to the left of the order #.3buttoniconDispatched-1024x116
  3. Select "View Order"
  4. Click the grey "Reopen" button.  A confirmation will pop up stating that "Reopening this Customer Order will cancel any existing Shipments associated with it. Continue?".  Click "Confirm" to accept and reopen the order.
  5. The order will now move back to the Open Orders page.  The order will then need to be allocated and picked in order to be "Ready to Ship" again.