Lot tracking & product recalls

For users who track lot numbers, batches, expiration dates, or serial numbers, Zenventory tracks this data through the warehousing & fulfillment life cycle of an item.

  1. When tracked inventory is received, batch identifiers are recorded (lot numbers or expiration dates) along with unique identifiers for serialized products.  The timestamp of receipt, the user who received it, and the supplier are all logged in Zenventory.
  2. Tracked inventory is stored by location.  Intra-warehouse moves will update in real-time in the Zenventory UI and are logged for review in the "Moved Inventory" report (found in Inventory Reports).
  3. When orders are fulfilled & shipped, specific inventory is prioritized and identified for the picking team to use in the fulfillment based on allocation rules.  Data on which inventory was used in each fulfillment is stored in the system.

Product Recalls

Zenventory offers the ability to identify specific inventory used and who may need to be notified in the event of a recall.  The "Trace Item" report (found in Inventory Reports) provides comprehensive data on all orders shipped out containing specified lots or units in the event of a recall situation.  This report will even identify affected lot numbers that were allocated as raw components within shipped assemblies.

To trace a recalled batch or item:

  1. Navigate to the Reports section.
  2. Find the "Inventory Reports" link at the top.
  3. Scroll down to "Trace Item" and click the button to begin generating this report.
  4. Begin by entering a SKU.  NOTE:  Only lot tracked, perishable, or serialized items can be investigated using this report.  For tracking fulfillment of basic inventory without these specific identifiers, you can use other reports such as the Orders Export.
  5. Enter the additional identifier relevant to the item:  Lot number, expiration date, or serial number.
  6. A full report will be generated of all fulfilled (shipped) orders that contained the affected batch, whether the item was shipped on its own directly or included in the assembly of a finished item that was shipped.