Order Desk Integration Setup

Order Desk supports an integration to Zenventory.  They built this integration and is fully supported by them.  This article just details the functionality of that integration and helps to guide you through grabbing the information you need to successful make the connection in your Order Desk account.  


  • Send newly created orders from Order Desk to Zenventory
  • Pull shipment information from Zenventory to Order Desk
  • Pull inventory information from Zenventory to Order Desk


  • Refer to the following article at Order Desk for setup instructions: https://help.orderdesk.com/article/786-zenventory-integration.
  • You will need your users SEC Key in order to complete the integration in Order Desk.  This can be generated/found from within a user's details in Zenventory.  
    • Navigate to Admin>Users.
    • Click the pencil icon to the left of the user's name.
    • Click the "Generate Secure Key" button.
    • Copy that Secure Key value to use in the SEC Key field of the Order Desk setup.