Mobile app installer & general settings for Android scanning devices

Looking to install our mobile app, but don’t have access to the Play Store?  No problem!

Click on the download link below for the mobile app APK for a direct installation.  With most Android devices, you’ll need to first enable the setting for allowing 3rd party applications to be installed (sometimes referred to as “Apps from unknown sources” depending on the device).  Once downloaded to your device, simply run the APK to initiate the installation.  If you encounter any difficulties during the install process, contact our Support Team for assistance.

Click here to download the Zenventory mobile APK for Android (V1.04.0)


General device setup for Android-based scanning devices:

Settings → ScanSetting 

  1. On
  2. Basic
    • Result Type: Keyboard event
    • Terminator: LF
  3. Wedge
    • Group Separator: LF

  4. Symbologies
    • Enable all relevant symbologies:  Our app uses CODE39, CODE39 (extended), CODE128, and QR codes but you may need others if using preprinted manufacturer barcodes.

Other Settings

  1. Go to Settings → WiFi → Use the 3 dots or lines button → Advanced
    • Keep wifi on during sleep: ALWAYS
  2. Settings → Display
    • Sleep after 5 minutes
    • When device is rotated: Stay in current orientation
  3. Settings → Language & Input (this sometimes varies, but you should be able to find similar options)
    • Spellchecker: off
    • Google keyboard → Text correction
      • Auto-correction: off
    • Android keyboard → Text correction
      • Auto-correction: off
  4. Settings → Date & Time
    • Select time zone: set to your timezone
    • Use 24-hour format: NO