Max Field Lengths / Character Limits

Each column in a database is required to have a name and a data type to define what value a column can hold. These are the data types/character limits stored for each column for customer orders, purchase orders and items.

Customer Order:

Name Type
Order Source varchar(20)
Placed On datetime
Order Reference Number varchar(50)
Order Number varchar(50)
Client ID (3PL only) int(11)
On Hold binary(1)
Hold Until datetime
Project Number varchar(20)
Discount Percentage decimal(6,2)
Buyer Paid Shipping decimal(18,2)
Shipment Carrier Code varchar(50)
Shipment Service Code varchar(50)
Userfield1 varchar(100)
Userfield2 varchar(100)
Userfield3 varchar(100)
MyList1 varchar(100)
MyList2 varchar(100)
Ship Via varchar(50)
Shipment Packaging varchar(100)
Shipment Confirmation varchar(50)
Dry Ice Weight decimal(18,6)
Internal Note text
Note From Customer text
Note To Customer text
Weight decimal(18,6)
Ship-From Warehouse ID int(11)
Secondary Notification Email varchar(80)
Package SKU varchar(40)


















Purchase Order:

Name Type
PO Number varchar(30)
Required By date
Ship Method varchar(30)
Terms varchar(30)
Project Number varchar(20)
Supplier Contact varchar(100)
Supplier Address1 varchar(50)
Supplier Address2 varchar(50)
Supplier Address3 varchar(50)
Supplier City varchar(50)
Supplier State varchar(50)
Supplier Zip Code varchar(20)
Supplier Country Code varchar(3)
Created Date datetime
companyname varchar(40)
PO Notes varchar(512)
Userfield1 varchar(100)
Userfield2 varchar(100)
Userfield3 varchar(100)
MyList1 varchar(100)
MyList2 varchar(100)















Name Type
Customerid int(11)
Title varchar(20)
Name varchar(50)
Surname varchar(50)
Emailaddress varchar(80)
CompanyidIndex int(11)
AccountnumberIndex varchar(50)
Companyname varchar(64)
DeletedIndex binary(1)
Deletedby int(11)
Deleteddate datetime
Redactionreason varchar(256)
ClientidIndex int(11)
Qbstatus int(11)
Qbsequence varchar(16)
Qblistid varchar(50)
Fax varchar(50)
Mobile varchar(50)
Defaultdiscountpercentage decimal(6,2)
Shippingbillingmode int(11)
Importlogid int(11)
Customertypeid varchar(50)
Wholesale tinyint(1)
Packingslip varchar(50)
Budgetenabled binary(1)
Budgetamount decimal(12,2)
Budgetresetmonth int(2)
Budgetresetday int(2)



















Name Type
SKU varchar(40)
UPC varchar(30)
Description varchar(150)
Category varchar(50)
UOM varchar(24)
Sales Price decimal(18,6)
Weight decimal(18,6)
Default Econ Order decimal(12,2)
Default Lead Time int(3)
Kit int(1)
Perishable binary(1)
Lot Tracked binary(1)
Active binary(1)
Non-Inventory binary(1)
Assembly binary(1)
Length decimal(12,4)
Width decimal(12,4)
Height decimal(12,4)
Storage Length decimal(18,6)
Storage Width decimal(18,6)
Storage Height decimal(18,6)
Storage Volume decimal(18,6)
Serialized binary(1)
Unit Cost decimal(18,6)
Recommended Retail Price decimal(18,6)
Userfield1 varchar(100)
Userfield2 varchar(100)
Userfield3 varchar(100)
Notes varchar(500)
Userfield4 varchar(100)
Userfield5 varchar(100)
Userfield6 datetime
Manufacturer Website varchar(100)