View and Download Client Statements

Within the Zenventory user interface, you can view a client’s charges, preview their statements, and download either a .PDF or .CSV file of these charges by a specified date range.

Viewing/Downloading/Printing .PDF Client Statements:

  1. Navigate to Admin>Clients. 
  2. Click the “pencil” icon the the left of the client that you want to to see their statement.
  3. Click “View Charges” in the grey menu bar.
  4. Set the date range that you would like to view/print/download, and hit “Search”.
  5. Click “Export Results” and select the file type you would like to Download.  Select PDF to preview, print, or save the statement as a .PDF.  Choose .CSV to instantly download a .CSV file of the statement. 
  6. If you selected PDF, then a new tab on your browser will open with a preview of the statement.  It can be downloaded or printed from here. 


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