Lookup Inventory

The Inventory module in Zenventory provides many views and search features to help locate inventory.

  • Item Find” tab:  Search through all inventory in the current warehouse by SKU or description.
  • “List Inventory” tab’s search tool:  Search for items by category, warehouse, SKU, or description.  The warehouse filter will contain the current warehouse, all warehouses, or any warehouse with the setting to allow users to see inventory locations for warehouse transfer purposes.

Inventory Views

Inventory views allow users to see inventory in different contexts for faster look-up. Items and their relative information are shown in an easy to navigate paginated view.  The data shown in each view can be exported as a customizable PDF or text CSV file.

  • In Stock:  Displays all items with inventory currently in the warehouse.
  • Supplier View:  See inventory received from a specific supplier.
  • Low Stock:  See all items with inventory at or below the reorder level assigned for the current warehouse.
  • Expiring Stock:  See inventory that is or about to expire.
  • Par Level:  See inventory levels compared to the defined par level.

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