Create and Manage MyLists

MyLists are a way of organizing orders together based on user created criteria.  For example, you might sell to customers as both wholesale and retail.  MyLists can create a designation between the two so you can sort and filter orders based on that criteria.

Creating MyLists:

  1. Go to Admin>System>My Lists.  There are two MyLists.  The one on the left is MyList1 and the one on the right is MyList2.  Click “Add Item”. 
  2. Enter the value you want and click “Add”.
  3. Repeat step 2 for as many values as you want to add.
  4. Turn on the MyList visibility by going to Admin>System>Lexicon. 
  5. Under the “Customer Order” pulldown menu, select MyList1 and toggle the “Use Field” to on.  For more information about creating custom fields, go here: Custom Fields.
  6. Go to Orders>Open Orders and click the cogwheel.  Turn on MyList1 to make it a visible column. 



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