Edit a partially received PO

The system supports editing of partially received POs, but there are some caveats depending on the specific fields you are looking to edit and the status of the partially received inventory.  Here's a rundown on what can be edited and when:

  • Custom User Fields: Editing is fully supported using the "Edit Fields" action in the left-side menu of the Purchasing -> Open POs or Purchasing -> Search screens.  (any PO status) 
  • Existing PO line items (items, quantities, prices, etc)
    • Unreceived open POs:  Editing of all PO data is fully supported.  To change line items:  Simply edit the PO, remove the old item, and add the new.
    • Partially received open POs:  Editing is supported on unreceived line items only.  To edit received line items, the receipt can be cancelled using the "Cancel Receipt" action from the Receiving -> Search screen.  Once the original receipt is cancelled, all line items can be edited again, and any corrected items/quantities can be then re-received.
    • Closed POs:  Editing line items is not supported while in this status.  But you can use the "Reopen" action in the left-side menu of the Purchasing -> Search screen, which will open it back up and allow making edits again for any unreceived line items.  To edit received line items, same process as noted above:  The receipt can be cancelled using the "Cancel Receipt" action from the Receiving -> Search screen (if you cancel a receipt on a closed PO, the system will ask if you want to reopen the PO for making edits, or leave it closed).

NOTE:  If received inventory has already been consumed by other transactions, those subsequent transactions would also need to be cancelled prior to cancelling the original receipt.  Orders might have to be unshipped/unpicked, etc.

Why it works this way:  To ensure data integrity and preserve the logical chain of events that the system relies upon for reporting.  Data in our system is highly interconnected - Inventory that is marked as "received" can be used directly afterward for inventory transactions, such as in fulfillment of orders.  If received inventory has already been used, and any edits being attempted would result in a logical discrepancy where the chain of events no longer makes sense (example: Qty:10 of an item were already marked as shipped to a customer, but we're now trying to edit the original receipt to say that only Qty:5 of that item were initially received), the system will notify you that this action is prevented until any dependent transactions are also cancelled.