Conduct Cycle Counts With the Mobile App

Conducting a cycle count can be done on the mobile app. Creating a cycle count, deleting a cycle count, and approving/disapproving is done in the cloud application.


1.  Swipe left from the dashboard and select "Cycle Count"

Screenshot (6)2. Tap on the cycle count that is to be completed 

3. After selecting the intended cycle count you will then begin to click on the location or locations listed

Screenshot (8)

4. After selecting the locations you are able to see all the inventory items listed for that location that have positive stock quantities.

Screenshot (9)

5.When selecting each item you will input the quantity found and if any items were damaged.Screenshot (7)

5. Once you have finished each location click on three bullet icon located at the top right corner

  •    It has 3 options: (1) Complete Location, (2) Add Unexpected Item, (3) Remove location
    *in this case select complete location

6. Once all locations are completed and saved, the cycle count is completed and sent to the approval phase in the cloud interface.