Custom Serial Fields in Zenventory

Users may collect additional fields of item data along with basic serial numbers during the receiving process, for tracking unique identifiers commonly found in retail electronics such as the IMEI or MAC address.  We refer to these in Zenventory as custom serial fields.  Orders can also be searched by this new criteria for easy review.


Usage notes:

  • Custom serialFields can be enabled in the Admin tab -> System -> Lexicon -> Items area.  You'll see 4 orange fields labeled "Serialfield1", "Serialfield2", etc.  You can rename these anything you like and check the "Use Field" box to make them active.
  • Enabling this will only affect new instances of items received going forward.  If needing to add the data to existing items, you'll need to issue out the old item first and re-receive to capture the additional info.
  • When custom serial fields are enabled, you will have a field to scan or enter each of these above the serial number during receiving.  You should scan/enter the custom fields first, followed by the serial number at the end in order to save these properly.  Note that only the serial number is a required field, so if your intent is to include all additional fields with every item, users who do receiving should be trained accordingly on that process.
  • None of the additional new fields will need to be scanned or entered during order picking (only need to enter them when receiving).  Instead, scan only the basic serial number as normal when you pick.  Since the serial fields are tied to each serial number, the rest of the fields will automatically be associated with the order and allow searching for it later by those additional criteria if needed.


Viewing Serials 

  • Reports > Inbound Reports > Received Serial Numbers
  • Reports > Inventory Reports > Serial Numbers By Locations
  • Inventory > actionMenu-50x47 > Update this Item's stock levels