Create and Manage MyLists

MyLists are a way of organizing orders together based on user created criteria.  For example, you might sell to customers as both wholesale and retail.  MyLists can create a designation between the two so you can sort and filter orders based on that criteria.

Creating MyLists:

  1. Go to Admin>System>My Lists.  There are two MyLists.  The one on the left is MyList1 and the one on the right is MyList2.  Click "Add Item".  mylistscreation-600x456
  2. Enter the value you want and click "Add".
  3. Repeat step 2 for as many values as you want to add.
  4. Turn on the MyList visibility by going to Admin>System>Lexicon.  lexicon-600x366
  5. Under the "Customer Order" pulldown menu, select MyList1 and toggle the "Use Field" to on.  For more information about creating custom fields, go here: Custom Fields.
  6. Go to Orders>Open Orders and click the cogwheel.  Turn on MyList1 to make it a visible column.  myliststurnon-1-1024x484