Create a Customer Order for a ZFN Warehouse


  • Can be created in both the client or the provider account.  If created in the providers account, the order will sync to the client account during the cron running, every 30 minutes.  Orders moving from the client to the provider happen instantly.
  • Orders created in the client account can only be sent to the provider account in full.  They can not be split for fulfillment between the local client and the provider.
  • Order picking and fulfillment progress is relayed back from the provider to the client account during the cron run, every 30 minutes. 
  • If picking occurs on the provider side and the setting for allow clients to edit picked orders is disabled in the provider account, customer order edits are still prevented even if the cron hasn’t run yet.

Send an order from Client to Provider

  • In order to send a Customer Order from a Client to a provider, you just need to change the Ship From warehouse on the order(s) to the ZFN provider warehouse in the client's account.

1. During the creation/editing of the order on the page 1 "Select Customer" screen.

Screenshot (386)

2. Bulk Action on any of the Orders pages.

Screenshot (388)

3. Use Automation Rules to change the ship from warehouse

Screenshot (390)