Connect your UPS Account to Zenventory

Connect your own UPS Account for use in Zenventory

  1. Navigate to Admin > System > Shipping > Shipping Engines. 1-Jun-07-2024-04-22-10-0548-PM
  2. Click the 3-bullet point icon there and choose "ShipEngine Dashboard".  This will open up a new browser window and log you in to your ShipEngine Manage Carriers Dashboard. 2-Jun-07-2024-04-22-09-9377-PM
  3. Click on the Add New Carrier Account button. 3-Jun-07-2024-04-22-09-9172-PM
  4. Enter your UPS Account Information and hit the blue Connect button.  You will then be directed to to login to your account and approve technology agreement.  5-4
  5. You will now be directed back to that ShipEngine Dashboard and see your UPS carrier there.  If you need to enable negotiated rates, or any other advance UPS services, click the 3-dot icon on the right and choose "Edit".  7-3
  6. Input the necessary information for the options you wish to turn on and then hit the blue save button once complete. 8-2
  7. Logout of the ShipEngine Dashboard and return to Zenventory on the Admin > System > Shipping > Shipping Engines page. 
  8. Click the 3-bullet point icon there and choose "Refresh Carrier, Service, and Package Information". 6-2
  9. You are now complete and your UPS account is setup to be used in Zenventory.