Connect Walmart to Zenventory


This integration is now available.  Please reach out to the Support Team if you need assistance.

Walmart Integration Functionality (updated 6/19/2023):

  • Pulls in item catalog (SKU, description, UPC,  sales price) from Walmart during initialization (unless a matching SKU already exists).
  • Pulls new orders from Walmart into Zenventory as long as they are in the "Created" or "Acknowledged" status. Zenventory will attempt to automatically acknowledge all existing and future orders.
  • Pushes updated inventory stock levels from Zenventory to Walmart for matching SKUs
  • Pushes order status update when completed, shipped, or canceled from Zenventory to Walmart
  • Pushes shipment data from Zenventory to Walmart

Update Interval (maximums):

  • All actions:  15 minutes

Configuring the Integration:

To begin the integration process, you must generate your API keys from the Walmart Developer Portal. For more information on how to generate your keys, please visit Walmart's FAQ page or reach out to Walmart support

1. Once you have generated your API keys, go to Admin > System > Integrations > Marketplace > Add Marketplace > Select Walmart

2. All fields necessary for initializing the Walmart integration will be displayed:

  • Client Id & Client Secret - obtained from Walmart Developer Portal
  • Service Name - This will be used to identify your integration locally within Zenventory 
  • Stock Warehouse - Choose the warehouse that will be sending stock updates to Walmart. If more than one warehouse is selected, the quantity will be the combined sum of all selected warehouses. 
  • Client - For 3PL providers, this will link the store to a specific 3PL client in Zenventory
  • Import Warehouse - This will be the default warehouse used for inventory allocations for orders from this channel.
  • Importing User - This will be the user associated with imported data, any user can be selected for this.  NOTE:  If no importing user is selected, no automatic imports will take place (you'll have to run them manually from the Actions menu).
  • Stock Update Mode -
    • Do Not Update Stock Levels - If enabled, only orders, order status updates, and shipment information will pass from Zenventory to Walmart.  Zenventory will not pass stock level updates to Walmart with this enabled.
    • Use Sellable Quantity - will update Walmart with the item sellable quantity.  Sellable is calculated by total in stock minus allocated items minus non allocated items on orders.  This setting prevents overselling of a product.
    • Use In-Stock Quantity - will update Walmart with the item in-stock quantity.  This setting can allow for over sale.
  • Integration Settings -
    • Update Stock Levels Only - will not import orders from Walmart, only updates the item stock levels.
    • Import Cancellations from Walmart - If an order is cancelled in Walmart, the order will be cancelled in Zenventory.