Connect Zenventory Fulfillment Network (ZFN) Provider to Client

In this article you will be guided through the process of connecting a ZFN provider to a client.  

Prerequisite:  In order to become a ZFN provider (Enterprise subscription tiers), you will need to have the functionality enabled in your account by request.  Please reach out to the support team at 480-530-2100 for assistance or send an email to for your request.

Overview:  This process requires the ZFN Provider to provide the client with a unique Company Code so that the client can then request a connection to the ZFN provider.  Once a client has sent a connection request, then the ZFN provider will approve that connection request. 

Steps 1-3 and 9-11 will be completed in the ZFN Provider account while steps 4-8 will be completed in the Client account.

Initiating the Connection:

  1. In the ZFN Provider account (steps 1-3), navigate to the Admin>Clients page. 
  2. Click the "Invite a Client" button in the top right corner of the page. 12
  3. Copy that "Company Code" value and provide this to your client.  They will now use this value to do the necessary setup steps to request a connection in their account.  companycode
  4. In the Client account (steps 4-8), navigate to the Admin>Warehouses page.  
  5. Select "New Fulfillment Provider".  newfulfprovider
  6. Assign a Warehouse Name of your choosing and select "Zenventory Fulfillment Network" from the Fulfillment Provider dropdown menu.  Hit the "Save Warehouse" button.  ZFN selection
  7. Hit the "Request Connection" button.  requestconnection
  8. Choose your user making the request from the dropdown menu and enter the "Company Code" provided by the ZFN Provider.  Hit the "Send Request" button.  The ZFN provider will now accept the connection on their side. requestconnection 
  9. In the ZFN Provider account (steps 9-11), navigate to Admin>Clients and notice the "View Client Requests" button is now orange, indicating there is a new request to review.  Click that button.  viewrequests
  10. You'll see a list of client connection requests.  When you move your mouse over one of them, you'll see a green checkmark or a red X.  Hit the green checkmark to accept the request or red X to deny the request.  acceptrequest
  11. Choose the user that will be assigned to the importing of orders and choose whether to create a new client, or use an existing client in the system.  Hit the accept button once you have made your choices.  NOTE: If you chose new client, one will automatically be created with the company name of the client.  acceptfinalrequest

Reconnecting Items:

Clients can reconnect existing items similar to our FBA integration. This won't bring any new item definitions in, but all existing items provider > client will be remapped and can update your inventory quantities right away.  To reconnect items navigate to the Admin > Warehouses > Edit your ZFN warehouse > Connection Settings >Reimport Items:


Disconnecting from a Provider:

If a provider wishes to delete a client, they should ensure the following disconnection process has occurred before doing so. To disable the connection between the client and the provider, the client will need to:
  • Remove all stock from the ZFN warehouse, including stock picked against orders.
  • Go to Admin > Warehouses > edit the ZFN warehouse > Connection Settings > Delete the connection > Deactivate warehouse
  • The client can then be deleted from the provider account 

Reconnecting to a Provider:

To reconnect to a provider, you will need to reach out to a member of the support team first so that we can reactivate the ZFN warehouse. Once the warehouse has been reactivated, you can follow the connection steps above and select the previously connected client in the provider account. Please ensure that 'all users can view or request transfers from this warehouse' is checked in the client account.