Connect Etsy to Zenventory


  • All listings should have unique SKUs assigned prior to initialization, including a unique SKU per variation, if applicable.


  • Pulls items and quantities from Etsy into Zenventory during initialization (unless a matching SKU already exists).
  • Pulls new orders from Etsy into Zenventory.
  • Pulls order cancellation updates from Etsy into Zenventory.
  • Pushes updated inventory stock levels from Zenventory to Etsy for matching SKUs.  NOTE: Current limitations prevent setting a listing quantity to zero via the Etsy API.
  • Pushes shipment data from Zenventory to Etsy.
  • Deactivates listings on Etsy for out of stock items in Zenventory (if enabled).

Update interval:

  • All actions:  10 minutes

Configuring the integration

  1. Navigate to Admin>System>Integrations>Marketplace, and select the orange "Add Marketplace" button.  

  2. Select "Etsy" from the dropdown menu and click the "Add" button.add
  3. Enter the following information into the integration settings:
    1. Client - (3PL use case) - Select the client who the Etsy account belongs to.
    2. Warehouse - The warehouse where imported orders will fulfill from by default, and where inventory stock updates will push from.
    3. Stock Warehouse - Choose the warehouse that will be sending stock updates to Etsy. If more than one warehouse is selected, the quantity will be the combined sum of all selected warehouses. 
    4. Importing User - the Zenventory user that will show as creating the orders in the order timelines.
    5. Stock Update Mode -
      • Do Not Update Stock Levels - If enabled, only orders, order status updates, and shipment information will pass from Zenventory to Etsy.  Zenventory will not pass stock level updates to Etsy with this enabled.
      • Use Sellable Quantity - Zenventory will update Etsy with the item's sellable quantity.  Sellable is calculated as total in-stock quantity minus all currently sold/unfulfilled quantities.  This setting helps to prevent overselling of a product.
      • Use In-Stock Quantity - Zenventory will update Etsy with the item's in-stock quantity.  This setting can allow overselling.
    6. Update Stock Levels Only - if enabled, will not import orders from Etsy, only updates the item stock levels.
    7. Import Cancellations from Etsy - Will recognize if an order has been cancelled in Etsy, and will cancel the order in Zenventory.
    8. Deactivate Out of Stock Items - If you want to automatically delist items on Etsy if the stock level in Zenventory is 0.  Etsy does not allow software to send 0 quantity, only to delist the product.  NOTE:  Etsy charges a $0.20 activation fee to reactivate listings.  This will occur each time stock quantity is changed from zero to a positive quantity if this setting is enabled.  
  4. Click the orange "Save" button.
  5. Click the orange "Authenticate" button.   This will start the data transfer process between Etsy and Zenventory.  Once it is complete, you are finished with the setup process.