Connect eBay to Zenventory


  • Must have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro to enable access to eBay's Custom Label (SKU) field for listings
  • Before they can sync to Zenventory, all eBay products must have a unique SKU assigned.  If some of your products are missing a Custom Label (SKU) in eBay, you can add them using these steps.  Inventory synchronization will fail for any item missing a Custom Label (SKU) in eBay.

eBay Integration Functionality  (updated 9/24/19)

  • Pulls initial items and quantities from eBay into Zenventory (unless a matching SKU already exists) for "Buy It Now" listings
  • Pulls new orders from eBay into Zenventory
  • Pushes updated inventory stock levels from Zenventory to eBay for matching SKUs
  • Pushes order status update when completed, shipped, or canceled from Zenventory to eBay
  • Pushes shipment tracking data from Zenventory to eBay

Update interval (maximums):

  • All actions:  15 minutes

Configuring the integration

  1. Log into Zenventory.
  2. Navigate to the Admin section and select System.
  3. From the top submenu, select Integration.
  4. From the Marketplaces tab, click the button for Add Marketplace, choose eBay, and click Add to continue.
  5. Set your preferences:  Select a warehouse to use for fulfilling eBay orders if you have more than one, along with the eBay site type and the Client (optional: only if 3PL is used).
    • Option:  "Synchronize Items":  This option will automatically link new eBay listings with their corresponding SKU in Zenventory for inventory sync purposes.  Usually enabled.
    • Option:  "Update Stock Levels Only":  Disables all order import and update features of the integration, leaving only the functionality for synchronizing inventory levels from Zenventory -> eBay.
    • Option:  "Do Not Update Stock Levels":  Disables inventory synchronization from Zenventory -> eBay while enabling order import and update features only.
    • Option: Stock Warehouse: Choose the warehouse that will be sending stock updates to eBay. If more than one warehouse is selected, the quantity will be the combined sum of all selected warehouses. 
  6. Click Save when finished.
  7. Click the button for Get Token.  This will navigate you to eBay, where you will login with your eBay credentials.
  8. Click the button for Agree to authorize the connection to your eBay account.  This will navigate you back to Zenventory.
  9. Click the Initialize button to finish setup and begin initial data exchange.  Depending on your quantity of eBay listings, this may take some time to complete.