Connect Amazon Marketplace to Zenventory


  • Must have an active Amazon Professional seller account to enable API access

Amazon Integration Functionality  (updated 8/3/2021)

  • Pulls initial items and quantities from Amazon into Zenventory
  • Pulls orders from Amazon into Zenventory
  • Pulls new items from Amazon into Zenventory (including variations)
  • Pushes inventory stock levels from Zenventory to Amazon
  • Pushes shipment info from Zenventory to Amazon
  • Pushes order status update when completed or canceled from Zenventory to Amazon
  • Redacts customer information in Zenventory (per Amazon requirement) within 30 days of an order being completed in Zenventory.
  • Sends a default handling time for all inventory during inventory sync.

Update interval (maximums):

  • Getting new items from Amazon: 4 hours
  • Cancelling orders: 1 hour
  • Getting open orders from Amazon: 15 minutes
  • Updating Amazon with shipment info: 1 hour
  • Updating stock levels (default setting): 24 hours, runs at midnight
  • Updating stock levels (with "High Frequency Updates" enabled):  10 minutes*  It is sent every 10 minutes but update time varies based on Amazon processing time.

Connecting Amazon to Zenventory:

  1. Under the Admin menu option in Zenventory, select System.


  2. Select Integration in the navigation bar.


  3. Select Amazon on the Integrations page.  Hit the "Add Amazon Seller" button. amazonconnection 
  4. You will be navigated to the Amazon Seller Central login page.  Login to your Amazon account and accept the terms of our app.  Upon accepting those terms, you'll be navigated back to Zenventory to finalize the connection. 
  5. Fill out the required fields, checkmark boxes if needed, enable the integration and click save
    • Stock Warehouse: Choose the warehouse that will be sending stock updates to Amazon. If more than one warehouse is selected, the quantity will be the combined sum of all selected warehouses. 

Redaction Information

To comply with Amazon's Data Protection Policy, Zenventory must automatically redact all personally identifiable information from orders and customer records sourced from an Amazon integration within 30 days of the order's completion date. The data redacted includes:

  1. Customer Name
  2. Street Address Lines 1-3
  3. Phone Number
  4. Email Address
  5. Shipping Labels created via Zenventory Internal Shipping

You will still be able to search for these orders by number and find them in your reports, but they will have REDACTED in place of personally identifiable information. They will still contain the correct order contents and will impact your reporting data the same way the order would have prior to redaction.