Set Budget Tracking / Spending Limits Per Customer

If your organization/company has an annual budgetary restriction, this feature can be used to manage a budget or spending limit on a per customer basis. You can easily review budgets in one place and disallow orders that exceed that budget. **Note: This feature does not impact orders sent into the system from third party sources or integrations. 

To set up budget/spending limit:

  1. Go to Admin > Customers > Edit Customer
  2. Go to the 'Yearly Budget' section . Set your annual spending limit and budget reset date (it goes back to $0 spent on this date).  In the example below, the annual spending limit is $1500 and the budget reset date is 6/1.   **Note: This requires the Admin role to edit. 
  3. Toggle on 'Enable Yearly Budget' and hit 'Save'.

Viewing Budget/Customer Orders:

  • You can view the yearly budget when creating/editing a customer order. When you hover over the 'Budget remaining', the previously spent, order total and yearly budget amount will be displayed:

  • You will also be able to view the annual total spent from the Admin > Customer > Edit Customer page:
  • If the budget limit has been surpassed, the 'Next' button will greyed out and the user will not be able to create the order: