ZenZang Mobile App

For users who prefer a simplified inventory control work flow, and don't need order management features, the ZenZang mobile app allows for quickly adding or removing a quantity of stock from a specific location.

Installation Notes:

  • Android only.
  • You will need to enable 3rd party apps to install this one since it is in beta status and not yet available on the Play Store (some phones refer to it as "Apps from unknown sources").  Once that is done, opening the attached APK file (emailing it to yourself on the phone first if needed) should initiate the install.
  • When you start the app the first time, it will ask you for a URL.  Enter your server URL here.  If you aren't sure, contact us for assistance.
  • When you log in, just use the same login information you use for the browser version.
  • The app itself is very simple:  "Restock" is to bring items in and add them to stock to a particular location, and "Issue" is to take them out and deduct from inventory.  Scan or enter a location, then scan or enter an item, and choose a quantity.  That's it!  If you're doing a stock move within the warehouse, it's simply an "Issue" for an amount of product, followed by a "Restock" in a different location for the same amount.  Don't forget to sync the app periodically:  The logo in the upper right opens the main menu, and you'll see a "Sync" button there, which saves and pushes all recent activity from the app up to your main account.