Customizing 3PL client billing

Zenventory provides flexible billing management for 3PL, allowing charges to be assigned for storage, handling, and shipping on a per-client basis.

These options are found in the 3PL Client management module:

  1. Navigate to the “Admin” tab and select “Clients“.
  2. Click the “Edit Client” icon to the left of an existing client.
  3. Click either “Shipping Upcharges” or “Storage & Handling” to manage these charges.

Shipping Upcharges

You may add either a flat fee or a percentage to a calculated shipping charge based on weight.  Each weight range can be assigned unique billing logic.

Handling and Storage

Here you can add the following charges, as a flat dollar amount or a percentage:

  • Inbounding Fee Per Receipt
  • Handling Fee Per Order
  • Storage Fee Per Pallet Position


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