Connect Magento 1 to Zenventory

Magento 1 Integration Functionality  (updated 6/4/19)

  • Built and tested for version:  Community Edition 1.9.x
  • Pulls initial items and quantities from Magento into Zenventory (unless a matching SKU already exists)
  • Pulls new orders from Magento into Zenventory that are in Magento's "Processing" status
  • Pulls new items from Magento into Zenventory if they are found on an order
  • Pushes updated inventory stock levels from Zenventory to Magento
  • Pushes order status update when completed from Zenventory to Magento
  • Pushes order shipment information from Zenventory to Magento

Update interval (maximums):

  • All actions:  10 minutes

Magento prerequisites:  A user with web service access must be created if one hasn't been created yet.

1. Log into the admin section of Magento
2. Go to System → Web Services → SOAP/XML-RPC – Roles
3. If there are any roles, click on each of them and check Role Resources. If there is already a role with
Resource Access set to "All", we can use that role.
4. If there are no usable roles, click on Add New Role, give it any name and set Role Resource
Access to "All".
5. Go to System → Web Services → SOAP/XML-RPC – Users
6. Add a new user unless you prefer to use an existing user.
7. Enter in whatever you wish for the User Info and note what you used for username and API key.
8. Go to User Role and select the role you choose from step 3 or 4 and save the user
9. Magento is now ready to go!

Zenventory setup

1. Log in with a user that has Admin permissions
2. Go to Admin → System → Integration → Marketplace
3. Click on "Add Marketplace"
4. Select Magento 1 for the engine
5. Select an importing user. When stock is added, this user will be marked as the receiver.  Note: If no user is selected, no automated updates will take place between Magento & Zenventory.
6. Select a warehouse. Imported items will be assigned to this warehouse by default
7. Stock Warehouse: Choose the warehouse that will be sending stock updates to Magento. If more than one warehouse is selected, the quantity will be the combined sum of all selected warehouses. 
8. URL will be your Magento site URL, plus the following: /api/v2_soap?wsdl=1
9. Username is the username of your web service user with "All" access
10. Password is that user's API key
11. Store label is your store name (can be anything you want for identifying this particular store if there are multiple)
12. Synchronize Items (optional):  Only enable this if you want Zenventory to push changes to item attributes made in Zenventory (other than stock levels) back to Magento 2.  Most users will leave this disabled.
13. Update Stock Levels Only (optional):  If enabled, only stock levels will be updated from Zenventory to Magento. No order updates, shipment information, or new order data will be passed.
14. Click "Save" when finished filling all fields and selecting optional settings.
15. Start the integration by clicking the "Initialize" button.  This may take some time to complete.
16. Your integration is complete!  Orders, items, and inventory levels will begin syncing at a regular interval automatically.